021. 4 Things Your New Team Member Onboarding System Needs as a Direct Seller or Network Marketer


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So you’ve brought on a new team member or two. Congrats!

While building your team is certainly exciting, it also comes with some important responsibilities. Training and onboarding new team members is vital to the success of their business. What you do in the first 30 days to train a new team member and what your team member accomplishes in the first 30 days will set the foundation for their business. (No pressure! 🤣)

In today’s episode, I’ll talk about why training new team members is so important and the role your onboarding guide plays in this training. Then, I’ll dive deep into 4 things you need for your new team member onboarding system to be a success.

You can take the things you learn in today’s episode to develop an onboarding guide or system that empowers your team members to be successful in their own businesses.

✅ By the end of this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why you can’t just make up team member training as you go along or leave it up to your upline
  • How taking ownership of the training and onboarding process provides a better experience for new team members
  • Why onboarding guides are such a powerful tool to help new team members (and yourself too!)
  • What you need to include in your onboarding guide to support new consultants in the first 30 days
  • Why you need to avoid jam packing your onboarding guide with too much information
  • Why your onboarding guide needs to be easy on the eyes
  • How you can put more of your own personality into your onboarding packet

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