1.18 Grub 'n Gargle - A LIVE special with the promoters/publicans making waves in Europe


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In this episode you'll learn what it take to win in the On Trade in a post covid world. We recorded a LIVE episode with three of Dublin's hottest venue owners to learn how they pack their bars and events.
Foxy and Will were thrilled to be invited by John Mahon and Ali Dunworth to host a live recording of our podcast at the Grub 'n& Gargle Festival at The Circular recently. We were even more please to have a chance to explore what it takes to win in the on trade these days with three of Dublin's best venue owners. With pubs, restaurants, festivals and events companies to their names Andy Noonan, Craig Reynolds and David Parle represent a new generation of publican/promoter. They explain how they take the entrepreneurial élan they got from starting out in nightclubs and bring it to their venues, discussing everything from the perils of gentrification and the protection of cultural spaces to draft wine systems.
We also drag them on a quick trip to our desert island to warm them up and find out what "one drink" they would bring with them if they were stranded.
Not only that but the multi talented Judith Boyle heckles from the floor with her "traditional" publicans hat on and Will's neighbour Bertie turns up to ask awkward questions random pubs on Parnell St., as you do.
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