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There’s an industry-wide gravitational force toward regular hour-long meetings.

Somewhere along the way it was decided that hourly meetings held weekly, monthly or quarterly are the way to deliver services.

It may be true that regular meetings are the best way to deliver services, but what’s the best way to deliver RESULTS?

Here today to talk with me about this question is Ben Manly, owner of Knapsack Creative.

Knapsack creative is known for delivering gorgeous, effective websites, in ONE DAY.

I wanted to have Ben on to talk about how to make the shift from the old-school way of doing things, to a new way of designing something to provide an outstanding product, and excellent service, so that you might look at your own services through a different lens, and perhaps find ways to deliver more value more easily.


– When I realized just how fast it was to design something live, that’s when the lightbulb went off that I could try to build websites this same way.

– It turned out that the smaller projects were more valuable than the larger ones, so at some point it became clear it was time to just go all in on the small ones. And that made all the difference.

– Initially I thought there was no way you could build a great website in just a day, and no one would pay for that. But then I realized just how much value you can add in a short amount of time, if you systematize things.

Connect with Ben:

Website: https://www.knapsackcreative.com/

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