4 | Three lies you’re telling yourself that are preventing you from having a successful photography business + how to overcome them with truth


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Hi friend, do you struggle with silencing the negative Nancy in your head?? In today's episode I'm going to speak truth to 3 lies you may be believing that are actually stopping you from getting to the next level in your photography business. It's a little bit of a tough love moment, but I promise you will also be encouraged through it.


Are you a photographer mama feeling like a crazy person just trying to balance motherhood and a photography business that just isn’t paying the bills? You KNOW God put this dream in your heart but you can’t shut up the negative self-talk as you get sucked down the comparison spiral again?

Hey friend, I’m Marina; wife, mama and family photographer saved by grace. I’ve been in that vicious burnout cycle, wondering if I could turn this creative outlet into a real-deal business that could support my family. I finally realized I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not in order to get clients, and I figured out a way to create a business that lights my soul on fire without sacrificing my motherhood.

In this podcast you’ll find practical ways to transform your business from a time consuming (and expensive) hobby to a profitable business by finding your brand identity to confidently show up and stand out, all with a toddler on your hip.

Let's be friends!

Instagram: @marinaanayaphotography email me: support@calledtostandout.com FB Community: bit.ly/calledtostandoutpodcast

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