#10210 The Bible Blueprint for Baptism - Karlo Broussard


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Questions Covered: 11:00 – What is baptism in the Holy Spirit? Is this different from baptism with water? Is it legitimate? 17:15 – Where is the biblical evidence for baptism for infants? John only baptized adults. 23:00 – Can lay people baptize in an emergency? And if so, can the person who was baptized be re-baptized later on? 31:10 – I have a 9 mo. old grandson and I’m trying to get him baptized and I’m wondering if I can baptize him in a protestant church and still raise him Catholic? 36:36 – I would like the Catholic understanding of original sin vs. the protestant understanding of original sin in relation to baptism. 46:42 – Some of my grand-children are not baptized and I’m very worried and I’m wondering how I can encourage them to get baptized? 52:24 – What is baptism of desire? I had a granddaughter born 2 weeks ago who needed open heart surgery and her parents refused to baptize her. …

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