#10287 Light from Darkness - Steve Weidenkopf


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Questions Covered 13:45 – How do you explain to a fellow Catholic that we’ll eventually come through current crises stronger than before? 17:17 – I’m talking to an anti-Catholic who says that anyone who attended the Council of Nicea was forming a church of the devil and was not in the Church of Christ. 22:25 – How are the titles for the clergy like “Your Eminence” or “Your Excellency” proper? Are they a bad holdover from the middle ages? 30:12 – Do you believe that the idea of a Catholic monarchy in the U.S. is a good idea? 34:44 – How much accountability is the Church supposed to take for humanitarian efforts outside of the Church? Should she focus more on worship? 40:12 – What are some actionable things we can do as Catholics or in our parishes to endure certain crises/scandals going on, whether domestic or out of our control? 43:40 – Do you talk about the Crusades in your book? 47:47 – What do you think the causes were for the sex abuse scandals? 50:28 – I think the crisis of the Church is due to communists infiltrating our seminaries decades ago. …

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