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Questions Covered: 2:20 – How powerful is St. Michael the Archangel? Does the devil fear him? 11:22 – Is it okay for me to attend an Eastern Orthodox Divine Liturgy? If it is, do I have to do anything to distinguish myself? 14:52 – Why isn’t the Real Presence mentioned in the Nicene Creed? 22:15 – What is the immediate meaning to Ahaz of the virgin prophecy of Isaiah 7? 31:05 – How is everything is good if, as Augustine says, it was made out of nothing and is mutable? 36:26 – If someone is a civil leader, how do you know if their authority comes from God or not? 43:06 – I woke up today thinking very heavily about an old friend, and then I learned that she’d died by suicide 22 years ago. Is it possible that the Holy Spirit was asking me to pray for her? 49:34 – How would you answer someone who believes in the Catholic Church but they’re having trouble with some of the things Mary said at Fatima? …

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