#10283 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin


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03:04 – How should one respond to someone says the Neocatechumenal Way is a cult? 12:41 – Why can’t girls be priests? 17:03 – Where do we get all the details of how our churches look and what our priests wear in today’s liturgy? How did we get here from what’s described in the Bible? 21:52 – Is applied kinesiology okay in the Catholic Church? 28:40 – How can we believe the Eucharist is truly Jesus’s body if the body is inherently physical? 34:05 – If someone got married outside the Church, but they want to be married in the Church, can they go to confession and receive the sacraments or do they have to wait until they’re married in the Church? 40:48 – What’s more important: a civil union, or a marriage in the Church? 46:00 – Why did God create the world, and all of us, knowing that there would be pain and suffering? 48:58 – How should I begin reading the Church Fathers? 50:35 – Are the Jews still God’s chosen people? …

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