#10381 The Why’s of Catholic Belief - Karlo Broussard


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Questions Covered: 07:11 – Were there any Church fathers who talked about the Assumption of Mary? 13:16 – Why is the Immaculate Conception proclaimed as a dogma? I know why the Church believes it, but why is it at the level of dogma? 20:47 – By what decree or edict am I bound to agree with and follow the pronouncements of the Pope? 29:35 – What did St. Thomas say about there being two purgatories? 33:18 – Why do we believe that Jesus is the Messiah? 43:40 – When you pass away, do you go to purgatory first, or heaven? 50:10 – How does suffering that doesn’t have a direct effect on someone else, like taking a cold shower, become redemptive? …

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