#10388 Open Forum - Fr. Hugh Barbour, O. Praem.


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Questions Covered: 07:10 – How did John the Baptist escape Herod’s decree to kill all the children in Israel? 11:40 – If we have free will, then why do we pray? And are we judged twice? 17:00 – How should I understand the miracles attributed to Pope John Paul II when there was no scientific analysis of them beforehand, and in the case of the nun, the fact that the Parkinson’s came back? 20:15 – Is it appropriate to sing the Gloria during Advent? 21:25 – Are we supposed to believe in prophetic messages as Catholics? 29:50 – Was it only John who saw the events recorded in Revelation? If so, how do we know it’s divinely inspired? 35:20 – What does Jesus mean in John 15 when he says “No slave is greater than his master?” 42:10 – What did Jesus mean when he said only the Father is good? 49:10 – Is St. Joseph the spouse of Mary, or is the Holy Spirit? And is St. Joseph our spiritual father? …

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