#10645 Open Forum - Patrick Madrid


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Questions Covered: 06:37 – Has the Church ever taught geo-centrism as a definitive teaching? 15:20 – I debated Patrick back in 1992 when I was an evangelical and I am Catholic now! I wanted to say hello! 19:09 – My problem with Catholicism is the teaching in Amoris Laetitia on divorced people being able to receive communion. What about the other spouse? 22:44 – How are we not going to sin in heaven? 30:47 – How do I go about converting my friend to Catholicism? 37:24 – Why is it that Jesus had to return to heaven as opposed to staying here on earth? 42:50 – Why would my current wife have to fill out paperwork if I want to file for an annulment from a previous marriage? 45:52 – Is it a sin to not stop someone from gossiping? 47:55 – If Jesus called Judas a devil, does that mean he condemned him? 50:44 – What are your thoughts on burying a statue of St. Joseph upside down to sell your house? …

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