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01:20 – What does it mean to say that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable? 03:40 – In light of the motu proprio, why is the Latin Mass bad? 06:51 – How do I respond to the charge that the papacy has inherited its powers and office from the Roman emperor? 13:35 – I don’t understand the difference between the extraordinary and ordinary forms of Mass. 17:10 – What is the oldest religion? 22:15 – Do atheists have a guardian angel? 24:07 – What were the true origins of the Protestant Reformation? 32:42 – If angels don’t have free will, how did Lucifer and ⅓ of the angels rebel against God? 41:17 – Is anything linked to the number 666 considered evil, or are there other conditions that have to be met also? 46:53 – How do I talk to a friend who is cohabiting with someone and has a child with them, but doesn’t see the need to get married? 50:10 – Is Mary Magdalene the same Mary who’s the sister of Martha and Lazarus? …

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