#10378 Open Forum - Fr. Hugh Barbour, O. Praem.


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Questions Covered: 04:46 – What can I say in confession if I can’t remember all my sins? 06:12 – Why do we sometimes not receive communion wine? 10:46 – Jesus says to keep his commandments and his statutes. What are his statutes? 12:42 – Where can I find an explanation of the true nature of the Mass in Scripture? 15:45 – What is the Catholic view of the atonement? 22:38 – Is it correct that the early Church used the complete Old Testament and the complete New Testament, even though the New wasn’t compiled and canonized yet? 29:10 – If heaven is outside of time, doesn’t that mean everyone who has lived and will ever live is already there? 37:35 – How are Orthodox priests and liturgy considered by the Roman Church today? Is it considered a legitimate Eucharist and communion? What are the issues that need to be resolved for full reconciliation? 46:16 – Is there any dogmatic or doctrinal reason why we can’t receive the precious blood in our own personal vessels during the pandemic? 51:26 – My Eastern Orthodox friend believes that the western theological tradition was corrupted. How could the eastern and western traditions contradict each other? Resources Mentioned: Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, by Ludwig Ott …

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