#10640 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin


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Questions Covered: 07:03 – I have non-Catholic friends who asked me to preside at their wedding. Is this acceptable? 22:01 – Why don’t Catholics ever bring up the Magnificat as evidence for Mary’s importance? 29:01 – How do I reconcile the differences between these two verses? Mk. 9:40 and Mt. 12:30. 35:27 – What makes the St. Michael Scapular different from a talisman? 39:37 – What’s your opinion on the Sworn Book of Honorius and Solomonic Magic? 44:24 – In John 17, Is that the prayer that Jesus prayed in the garden? Can you recommend books on the early Church? 48:50 – Do Plenary indulgences wipe away all consequences in one fell swoop? 51:17 – Why doesn’t the USCCB come out with a statement about the difference between Church teaching and opposing opinions by Catholic politicians? …

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