#10641 Chastity - Jason Evert


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Questions Covered: 11:43 – You’re using a lot of emotional language. Why should people object to their decision to choose their gender? 18:41 – I’ve never heard of consecrated virginity until recently. Until when do we start exploring that option? 23:30 Children in the womb are given hormones that make them more masculine or feminine, that is why we have so much confusion. 33:04 – What would you say to someone who struggles with pornography? 36:52 – Could you give me resources on what chastity looks like for a married couple? 42:49 – Wouldn’t the proper term for transgender more accurately be called “tran-neutured?” Is it actually possible to change genders? 46:15 – How does one remain chaste in today’s society when the world only focuses on physical satisfaction? 48:33 – Is it true that women like to fool around before marriage? 51:29 – Hopkins used to do gender reassignment surgeries and stopped because of the high depression rates. Now they are doing them again. Why do you think that is? Resources Mentioned: Catholic Answers Live from April 23, 2018: Fr. Hugh Barbour – “Sex After Marriage” …

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