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Questions Covered: 07:58 – Is there a degree of reverence for digital images? Do they equate to printed versions? 15:33 – Why are we Catholics still not receiving communion from the chalice compared to the Episcopalians? Everyone else receives from the chalice except us. 20:14 – What does scripture mean when it says, “God gave to the hand of David the Philistines?” 23:32 – How do I respond to the question, “why are the majority of Catholic saints white?” Is this true? Does this mean that Catholicism is a white people’s religion? 37:13 – Is commemorating Juneteenth during mass appropriate since it is so political? 50:10 – Regarding the book of Revelation, In what sense is the Church the new Jerusalem? How is that contrasted to our understanding of the Church as the Body of Christ? 52:57 – Which translation of the bible is better to have, the RSV or the NAB? …

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