#10682 Open Forum - Joe Heschmeyer


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Questions Covered: 04:43 – Is it unchangeable teaching that women can’t priests, and same sex marriages can’t be blessed? 14:51 – Was the public school system created by the Catholic Church? Do you have resources on this topic? 19:04 – I’m in conversion with a missionary of the LDS Church. I’ll be sitting down with him soon. What questions and topics should I bring up to be a good representative of the Catholic Church? 24:13 – Mk 15 on Jesus’ death. What is the meaning of the tearing of the curtain in the temple in two? 33:35 – It’s important to have Juneteenth. We need to keep in mind that white people were not the only ones to own slaves. 44:13 – Is it a mortal sin to not believe that Mary is a perpetual virgin? Where does the Catholic Church get the importance of this teaching? 49:49 – Hebrew 8:6-8. How do I explain that God didn’t want us to fail but accounted for us failing? …

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