UNDERWATER: Kristen Stewart Keeps Her Cool


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The Cinemondo aquanauts take a really deep and watery look at director William Eubank's, UNDERWATER, a film that you should probably see in a theater, once we get theaters back. It’s an epic underwater (duh) science-fiction thriller, that starts with a bang and never lets up. We’re way, way, way down there in a deep sea base near an oil drill, and something is smashing up the operation. And this mysterious something is not happy with the invasion by human invasion. Kristen Stewart plays the scrappy mechanical engineer who always has the rational answers and always knows which way to turn in those endless corridors as we rush to find the escape pods before the unseen thing… okay… it’s a monster… before the monster finds them and tries to eat them whole with its giant fish mouth. Thrill packed and fun to watch, but what did Kathy, Mark and Burk really think of this one? Put on your deep-sea pressure suits and ake a deep dive with us and find out. Starring Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel, T.J. Miller , Mamoudou Athie and Jessica Henwick.
Music composed and performed by Burk Sauls.
SPOILER WARNING: This episode contains MAJOR SPOILERS which means important story details will be revealed. We always advise listeners to: Watch First Listen Later.
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