Episode 7 - December 3, 2009 - "The Politics of Human Sexuality", "Tom's Divorce", "Scott's Tots", and "Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001"


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I'm skipping past Thanksgiving since nothing new was on TV, bringing us one week closer to the end of 2009.
Going back to December 3, 2009, on the air tonight was: Community S01E11 - "The Politics of Human Sexuality", Parks and Recreation S02E11 - "Tom's Divorce", The Office S06E12 - "Scott's Tots", and 30 Rock S04E07 - "Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001".
It's been the night I've wanted to talk about for weeks as the show has finally caught up to the beginning of the Tiger Woods' sex scandal. What a fun coincidence that tonight's episodes deal with dating escorts, getting divorced, disappointing children, and setting impossible to reach life goals. Sometimes all the starts align, but then I develop a conscious and realize I don't want to fall for cheap tabloid stories.
As mentioned at the start of the show; check out another great podcast, the Offbeat Worm Podcast, that I had a lot of fun guest starring on this week: https://offbeatworm.podbean.com.

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