"The Marine Corps: Always Faithful-To White Men" with Col. Thomas Hobbs, USMC (Ret.)


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What's going on everyone, Welcome to another edition of Confessions of a Native Son, I'm your host Mike Steadman. I'm a Marine Corps Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Aspiring author, who enjoys thought-provoking and engaging dialogue about race, culture, and business. The following episode is an extension of our current series, Alway's Faithful, where I discuss my experiences as a Black Infantry Officers in the United States Marine Corps. After releasing Always Faithful Pt 1. I found myself struggling to record part 2. In order to give me more time to articulate my thoughts, I decided to interview Retired Marine Corps Col Thomas Hobbs, Author of the controversial Marine Corps Times article, "The Marine Corps: Always Faithful-To White Men." We discuss the origins of the article and its reception, as well a reflect on my own experience. We wrap things up by offering solutions to how the Marine Corps can improve the retention and success rate of Officers of Color in combat arms. As always thank you for sharing your time with me and I hope you enjoy the show.

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