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Why do we care so much about vanity metrics, even when common sense tells us otherwise? Let me know what you think of today’s episode on by subscribing to my Substack at For all of our listeners and superfans tuning in all over the world, sign-up for our newsletter on substack at the following link: , I haven’t had time to update my website, so head over to substack if you want to subscribe. If you like this type of dialogue and are interested in booking me to speak at your organization, just shoot me an email at Special Thanks to Our Sponsors: Dope Coffee: A lifestyle brand that pairs urban Black Culture with innovative product offerings in the coffee industry. We are not a coffee brand for Black people. We are a coffee brand that seeks to elevate Black culture through a lifestyle of premium coffee and candid conversation. As an investor and advisor, I couldn't be more proud of Dope Coffee and encourage to place your order today at IRONBOUND Boxing: A nonprofit organization based in Newark, NJ that provides free amateur boxing training, entrepreneur education, and employment opportunities to youth and young adults. You can support the cause by visiting and making a donation today. Message me on Linkedin or shoot me an email at, Special shoutout to my Co-Producer Mike Loyd and the team from the Gifted Sounds Network. Rooting for everybody that’s black.

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