168 - Melody Li - Inclusive Therapists, Decolonization, Internalized Biases, and Land-Back Movements


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Melody Li has built a practice around getting smashy--and I am here for it! This Hong Kong-born, diasporic settler is a queer therapist of Color, mental health liberation activist, and all around badass. Their work focuses on liberating communities long neglected or, worse, harmed outright by whiteness in therapeutic spaces. What I find so magical about Melody is that they knew what they wanted but couldn’t find it in the current therapeutic structure so they created it themself. For the community, by the community. Boom.

Melody, lays the groundwork for our exploration of decolonization, internalized biases, and land-back movements. If you’re new to any of these topics (even if you’re not), Melody’s personal and professional insights will guide your continued un-doctrination. This conversation is wall-to-wall mic drop moments, y’all, as well as an unveiling of Melody’s latest initiative.

If you’re anything like me (which, duh, you’re listening so of course we’re like-minds), you’ll walk away from this convo inspired af, wondering why we’re still applying words like “history” across all narratives, and ready to get smashy within your own limiting environments.


Melody Li is a colony-born migrant and diasporic settler on Turtle Island. They are a queer therapist of Color, mental health liberation activist and keynote speaker. They founded Inclusive Therapists: a mental health directory and community that celebrates and centers people with marginalized identities (especially QTBIPOC). Melody offers collective care and education focusing on decolonizing mental health and healing racialized trauma.

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