Covered In Pet Hair - Episode 41- What is Canine Mental Health?


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Have you ever heard the term canine mental health? If so, you may know this week's guest, Jenna Romano, because she's credited with coining the term and specializes in teaching families how to prioritize and ease their anxious dog's psyche.
In episode 41, Isabel and Jenna talk about Jenna's journey from showing dogs at the young age of 11 to her dog training business now in her late twenties. Jenna started training dogs to make extra money in college but soon realized that dog training was more her passion than her planned major, film studies. She left her coursework and never looked back. Today, Jenna has a fantastic social media and YouTube following as well as a program for pet parents that need specialized help in separation anxiety, reactivity, and more.
EPISODE NOTES: What is Canine Mental Health?

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