Ana Fabrega, Synthesis // The Future Of Education & Using Games To Educate Kids


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Ana Lorena Fabrega is an EDUpreneur and former teacher known by little ones as Ms. Fab.

She's currently the Chief Evangelist of Synthesis School, an innovative online enrichment club started by the director of Elon Musk’s experimental school at Space X.

Synthesis helps students build decision-making & problem-solving skills through games.

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After listening to this conversation, you'll understand:

  • why the current education system needs an overhaul
  • the skills we should be developing in kids
  • unlearning & the future of education
  • the role of technology in learning
  • forest schools, micro-schools & alternatives for parents to consider
  • how games can be good for your kids
  • the lindy effect & ideas that will stick around in education
  • remote vs online education
  • recommended books for kids

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