Nick Huber, Sweaty Startup // Deep Inside The Real Estate Game + The Philosophy Of What Matters


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Nick Huber is a real estate entrepreneur, self-storage owner & operator.

His commercial real estate portfolio is approaching $30mil in assets (as of 2021) & he's built a name for himself by championing "sweaty startups" aka unsexy businesses.

Nick has built a 100k following on Twitter by transparently sharing the lessons learned from his time in business & by simplifying concepts in the real estate game.

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After listening to part 1, you'll understand:

  • the equation for getting wealthy in the real estate game
  • the difference between creating vs growing wealth
  • categories of real estate beyond what 99% of people invest in, from self-storage, to cemeteries & tiny homes - you'll learn about niche opportunities with less competition
  • how real estate investors can make millions & legally pay little in taxes with depreciation, bonus depreciation & 1031 exchanges
  • Nick's unique approach to finding upside from day one in commercial real estate
  • why 100% occupancy rates aren't always a good thing & what Nick looks for in deals

In part 2, "behind the mind" (starting at 48min) Nick & Bilal discuss:

  • tribes, relationships & what truly matters in life
  • growing up, dealing with bullying & insecurities
  • choosing who you compete with
  • unique ways to connect with aging parents
  • why having kids is underrated & the importance of a supportive spouse


  • 00:00:00 Intro
  • 00:03:41 Who is Nick Huber?
  • 00:11:00 What is a Cash-Out Refinance?
  • 00:13:26 Growing Up in a Small, Rural Town
  • 00:14:28 Having A Chip on Your Shoulder
  • 00:18:28 Building vs Growing Wealth
  • 00:20:31 Alpha vs Beta In Real Estate
  • 00:21:02 Initial 700k Nest Egg
  • 00:25:03 Initial Investment - Rule Of Thumb
  • 00:27:25 Real Estate Investing On The Side
  • 00:29:24 Nick's Real Estate Framework
  • 00:33:55 100% Occupancy Isn't Always Good
  • 00:36:45 Zero Income Tax With Depreciation & 1031 Exchanges
  • 00:44:22 Conservation Easement
  • 00:46:35 Real Estate Professional Status
  • 00:47:52 Capital Gains
  • 00:48:32 Part 2: Behind The Mind
  • 00:51:02 Is Chasing Your Passions A Bad Idea?
  • 00:55:35 "I Wanted To Call My Mother And Cry In Her Arms"
  • 00:59:20 Giving Up Is Often The Best Choice There Is
  • 01:01:38 Miami + Austin
  • 01:02:48 "Nobody Cares About You Apart from A Handful Of People"
  • 01:05:23 Google Maps Trick - Connecting With Parents
  • 01:07:20 Dad's Twitter Post Went Viral
  • 01:09:42 Having Kids is Underrated
  • 01:12:29 The Tribe Makes The Place
  • 01:15:04 Virtual Communities
  • 01:19:48 Dealing With Bullying + Racism
  • 01:23:43 The Importance of a Supportive Spouse
  • 01:25:44 Advice For A Successful Relationship
  • 01:28:13 Being An Opportunist
  • 01:31:22 Wrap-Up

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