Josh quit pool? Jesse Engel joins me and we discuss some of the reasons why.


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It's been too long since I've recorded a pod. Now you know why. Josh has bowed out of the pool scene. Tough shoes to fill but I felt I owed some explanation. Jesse Engel joins me and we discuss some of the reasons behind this decision. The issues Josh was facing are shared by me and Jesse and many of the top players as well. People ask why Oscar, Justin, and Mike D don't compete regularly. Here are our thoughts on this. My apologies if some of this sounds negative at times or isn't always entertaining. This was a hard episode for me to record and I don't feel I was at my best. As for the current pool landscape, I am not negative at all. I love pool and appreciate the opportunity to play and compete and train. Sometimes it's challenging, and here Jesse and I are just sharing our conversations about it publicly. If you want entertainment I can't promise this is it, but if you want to join in our conversation feel free to listen, comment, and steer where we go with our subjects on the next pod. Thank you all!

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