Ryan Girdusky, Washington Examiner Contributor, on Free Speech, Never Trumpers & the 2018 midterms


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What You'll Learn by Listening
Why Republicans are losing the messaging battle over issues like health care
How the Left ALWAYS eats its own, or as Ryan says, you will never be "woke" enough
How an action taken by Jimmy Carter would be a perfect tangible example
The problem with the egotistical "NeverTrumpers" like Erick Erickson
Why the entire GOP House leadership deserves to lose their re-election races in landslides, and why any GOP candidate should promise that, if elected, he will vote against them
Analogy that explains Speaker Paul Ryan's reaction to the 2016 election
Elitists in the Deep State hate the president, but they hate us more
The one thing that might help the GOP hold the house in 2018
The benefit of being pro-active
The three levels of politics that Ryan shares with all the candidates he advises

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