Firebolt: Data Warehouses with Eldad Farkash


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Cloud data warehouses are databases hosted in cloud environments. They provide typical benefits of the cloud like flexible data access, scalability, and performance.

The company Firebolt provides a cloud data warehouse built for modern data environments. It decouples storage and compute to operate on top of existing data lakes like S3. It computes orders of magnitude faster performance from gigabyte to petabyte scale by using a columnar data structure, vectorized processing, just-in-time query compilation, and continuously aggregated indexing. Firebolt scales with data lakes by processing queries across clusters of nodes in parallel, providing consistently fast processing and granular control over resources.

In this episode we talk with Eldad Farkash, Co-Founder and CEO of Firebolt. Eldad was previously a Venture Partner at Angular Ventures and a Founder, CTO and Board Member at Sisense before that. We discuss big data, data warehouses, and the unique benefits offered by Firebolt.

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