215: Are you intimidated by her emotions? Here’s what to do (ft. Jason Lange)


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Ever been scared of your woman's upset? You’re not alone. Perhaps you can hold space for her hurt, anger, or grief if it’s not about you (i.e. she’s upset about work, or a friend). But as soon as it’s about something you did, you want to turn away or you get overwhelmed.

Whether you're dating, married, or somewhere in between, if you’re always at the mercy of your woman’s feelings, your life can feel out of control. And “feminine storm” is not an excuse for her to rail at you. There are both toxic and healthy expressions of upset, and you’ve got to know the difference in order to stay safe (and keep your kids safe).

That said, holding space for a woman’s hurt is one of the most profound ways you can serve her. It’s also deeply bonding. Learn to do this skillfully, and you can experience true freedom in relationship. Your ability to hold space for — and even elicit — her full range of expression also leads to hotter sex. ;) When she feels deeply heard, seen, and known, even in her "big" feelings, she wants to open to you like a big, beautiful flower.

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