Don’t Call It a Mailbag: Questions from Listeners


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You asked, we answered. From the increasing weaponization of “critical race theory” to the ongoing discrepancy between what Democrats say about turnout vs. what they actually do, Steve, Sharline and Julie answer your questions on air and attempt to make sense of the latest in political news including last week’s election day results. Also, our podcast turned two! The team reflects on the last two years of producing the “Democracy in Color with Steve Phillips” podcast and we catch you up on Steve’s latest writing across the web. REFERENCES: Jesse Jackson 1988 Democratic National Convention - Speech Justin Bibb, Cleveland Mayor-Elect - @BibbForCLE Michelle Wu 吳弭, Boston Mayor-Elect - @wutrain Articles The Guardian // Steve Phillips – Democratic strategists are embracing ‘popularism’. But they’ve got it wrong The Guardian // Steve Phillips – How big a deal is Biden’s infrastructure bill? Our panel responds

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