Faith That Works Part 11 - Submitting To Sovereignty (James 4:13-17)


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We all face big life decisions: financial, business, relational, etc. "Do I take the job, the promotion? Do I make the big move? Do I marry this person? Do I have this baby?" These decisions have enormous impact on the trajectory of our lives, shaping our future and the future of others. God wants us to make our plans wisely, submitting them to Him in the context of a prayerful and trusting relationship with Jesus. In James 4:13-17 we are challenged to lead ourselves not just into big plans, but into following His calling, His word to us. Our sovereign God really does know everything, including what is really best for us. It's a good thing to dare to have big dreams inspired by God, to make wise plans in faith, and to tackle life's decisions boldly; it's an even better thing to humbly seek His counsel and to submit those plans to Him.

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