Remarkable Part 54: The Covenant (Mark 14:12-26)


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Why do Christians take "communion" together? Is there more to this than just a religious tradition? We can discover the origins in Mark 14 as Jesus celebrates the Passover feast with his disciples. We also dive into these questions: Was the Jewish Passover foreshadowing what Jesus was about to accomplish in Jerusalem? Is his sacrificial death really enough to cause God's righteous wrath toward sin to pass over us? Can we really find life and freedom through him as the ultimate Lamb of God? Yes, yes, and yes! To begin unveiling these truths, Jesus has carefully arranged to celebrate this feast privately with his closest disciples, making sure they won't be interrupted by his enemies. This meal together will be like no other, as Jesus reframes the sacred feast with his own upcoming sacrifice as the focal point. Through Jesus, God is establishing a new covenant.

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