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Hello, and welcome back. If this is your first time joining then, welcome. This podcast is for digital entrepreneurs carving out their slice of the online economy. To download my free guide on starting a business online, head over to

In this episode, we discuss some sales tips for Digital Nomads and Freelancers.

Based in Baltimore, Brendan from recently launched a new book called Sales Craft - Sales Craft isn't like most sales books. It isn't proposing a new sales process or a system to 10X your income. Instead, it offers up a series of simple but thought-provoking tips and ideas about how to enhance your sales effectiveness. One small step at a time.

Episode Topics:

  • Intro to Brendan and his brand Kiinetics.
  • We talk about the mindset challenges when it comes to sales for Freelancers
  • Tips to think in terms of numbers and not take rejection personally
  • We discuss ways you can increase your confidence when it comes to selling & developing your resilience.
  • We highlight why it's really important to get to the no fast if it is not the right fit, so you and your prospective client do not waste each other's time!
  • We highlight that sales are really getting down to - how are you helping this person to solve a problem?

Connect With Brendan Online:

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