S7E02 - How Healthcare Is Transitioning In Europe


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Healthcare is in transition, not just in the U.S. but in Europe as well. The COVID pandemic has sped up the transition to digital medicine and it would be interesting to know how other countries are dealing with the transition. In this episode, we are privileged to hear from Roberto Ascione, CEO at Healthware Group, a next-generation integrated consulting group that has been supporting life sciences companies, healthcare stakeholders, and start-ups to navigate the transformation in healthcare, from strategy to technology.

Roberto discusses what's happening in the world of digital health in Europe. He shares with us his company's partnership with Frontiers Health and what they did to produce an interesting and dynamic conference despite the distance and the number of participants. He talks about large-scale adoptions in Europe, digital therapeutics, and the importance of designing solutions in partnership with venture capital companies.

Roberto also shares the possible challenges he foresees and where Frontiers is going in the next couple of years. There's so much to learn from this episode on the work that Frontiers and DOCSF are doing to help improve outcomes in healthcare, so please tune in!

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