S8E01 - DOCSF21 Keynote: Bias in AI and Algorithmic Trust Presented by Dr. Anthony Chang


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We are joined with Anthony Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, MS, on the DocSF virtual stage in this episode.

Dr. Chang is a pediatric cardiologist from the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. He discusses artificial intelligence in medicine as an innovative way to approach knowledge discovery. Advances in algorithms are helping doctors predict the outcomes for patients and more amidst the pandemic. Dr. Chang compares machine learning, deep learning, and different tools, exams, and images to demonstrate how AI improves the way doctors are working. He also talks about the bias in the relationship between clinicians and patients regarding AI.

If you are new to Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, this episode is perfect for you! Dr. Chang will guide you through the milestones to understand this field and his concept of Medicine Intelligence.

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