S8E02 - Awareness of Inherent Racial and Gender Bias - Dr. Melissa Zimel


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How are biases present in orthopedic surgery?

This is the main discussion topic with Dr. Melissa Zimel, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Oncology at UCSF. Bias is defined as prejudice in favor of or against someone or something. She reflects on the concept of conscious and unconscious bias too, and the implications it can have on the community. She shares that one can train its brain to identify these implicit biases and then applies this to an orthopedic surgeon. Biases are normal; sometimes, we don’t even know we have them. Dr. Zimel shares her thoughts about this topic, not only in private practice or academic settings; But on hiring processes, school applications, and more.

Biases are intrinsic to human nature. However, we can work to be more aware and eradicate them to improve our practice.

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