S8E03 - Applied AI to Reduce Error: Cognitive Support & Virtual Scribes featuring Dr. Gretchen Purcell Jackson & Emilio Galan


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Have you ever wondered how many positive effects Applied AI has had on healthcare?

Dr. Jackson walks us through the common myths and fears regarding AI and health. This means evaluating the capacity to understand, reason, and interact in human-like ways and improve their performance over time. Augmented intelligence is a combination of human and machine strengths. There are AI tools for everyone in the industry - providers, clinicians, and patients - that can improve their experience. She also reflects how the pandemic has impacted the evolution of these technologies.

Emilio Galan, Co-Founder & President, Robin Healthcare, shares with us what natural language processing is and how it impacts the industry. He shares how artificial intelligence in these technologies really is, the problems they try to solve, and how they perform in the real world. Automatic speech recognition and computer vision are examples Emilio uses to go through these three topics. The tools today are assistive, and they will never replace human beings totally. The main mantra with AI is “if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen”; this idea is important when we track the quality of the physician and the patient’s progress.

Join this conversation and learn about the technological revolution that will come to us soon!

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