36. Lingua-Cultura Experience: a multilingual conference on Clubhouse


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A Lingua-Cultura Experience (@linguaculturaexp) is a free multilingual and non-funded global education conference that will take place from Thursday, June 24 to Saturday, June 26, 2021. Avishta, the founder and organizer of this conference, shares with us the main points about this event that will take place on Clubhouse. Have you ever considered attending a conference on Clubhouse? We will check this out together in this episode.

Pillars of the conference:

1. Storytelling: Languages and Cultures Worldwide

2. Language learning and education (conventional & non-conventional approaches)

3. Policy, advocacy and funding for language and cultural programmes (K-12 & Higher Ed)

4. The effect of migration on language, culture, identity

5. Preservation of endangered languages and cultures

6. Showcase research articles and papers on topics related to language, culture and languages and cultures

To check this out: https://educ8.world/


Simon Javan Okelo
Richard Simcott
Rachel M. Paling

Avishta Seeras, our interviewee, thinks that her mission is to promote multilingualism, diversity, and intercultural awareness by making quality language education more accessible to learners worldwide. She has also built a community of language learners and lovers, cultural enthusiasts, and polyglots on Clubhouse, and engages the members of both her Lingua-Cultura Experience and Multilingual Experience clubs on topics about languages, cultures, and identity.
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