Advice on building great business partnerships and the importance of collaboration, trust and mutual benefits when you're creating relationships at work | EP33


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Forming and managing work partnerships will likely be one of the most critical parts of your career. No matter the industry, it's probable that you, your team and your business will need to collaborate with another party at some point and for some business critical reason.

I've put this Quick Take episode together to share some insights and advice about the importance of prioritising a mutually beneficial and 2-way relationship when you’re crafting partnerships.

I’ve selected audio from my interviews with marketing experts Blandine Jean Paul and Neil Ridgway, from episodes number 24 and number 2 respectively, and I think their advice really emphasis the importance of working collectively with your desired partner to get the best outcome for both your business and theirs.

It’s easy to get caught up in what you want and what you need, but we all know that the best relationships are built on collaboration, and built with understanding, trust and respect.

Thanks for giving up your time to listen to Dream Job Ready and we hope you get plenty of value from this episode.

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