Award winning creative expert Aden Hepburn (CEO at Akcelo) explains how to land a dream job in the advertising industry and the secrets to building your own agency | EP29


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Dream Job Ready Episode 29: Aden Hepburn (CEO at Akcelo).

Thinking about starting your own advertising or creative agency? Wondering how to get a start or move up the ranks in the team you're in? Digital and marketing expert Aden Hepburn has worked his way through several agency dream jobs, including Managing Director and CEO roles at VMLL&R, one of Australia's most progressive and successful companies. He flipped his world upside down though recently and took on a new dream job - this time building up his own agency with a group of mates and peers.

Stealing their blurb from LinkedIn: "Akcelo delivers powerful brand experiences that people love, fuding creativity with experience design to solve business problems and generate white-space opportunities for some of the world's most famous brands and businesses".

Aden's had the chance to work with clients such as Netflix, Google, Optus and McDonald's (where I first met him), so his experience, resume and host of accolades (Cannes Lions, FWA's, OneShow, Spikes Asia, AWARD Awards, New York Festivals, LIA's, SXSW Interactive, ANDY's, CLIO's, The Webby's) stand tall.

In this episode I ask Aden about the secrets to success in his industry. We discuss the what and why that impresses business leaders like him, as well as what it takes to be a leader within a collaborative high performance team.

We talk about the impacts of Covid, balancing an at home/at office culture split and the adjustments he's had to make.

We also talk about what it takes to start and build an agency (and how crazy it is to do it in the middle of a pandemic).

I really enjoyed this interview and I hope you get some helpful nuggets of advice from it.

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