Part 2 of 6 in Mastering the Sales Process & Learning how to Sell with Noah Cohen | EP35


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Dream Job Ready Episode 35: Noah Cohen (Professional Sales Coach).

Part 2 of 6 in Mastering the Sales Process & Learning how to Sell with Noah Cohen.

Hello and thanks for tuning in to Dream Job Ready! In this episode I chat with Noah again to explore and discuss the importance of building rapport and trust early within your sales process.

As Noah puts it, there needs to be a relationship in any partnership. You need to understand and share that there's common ground and a common potential outcome.

So, where do you start? Here's a training tip from Cohen Training Institute:

Script: "Hi, What can I get you information on?"

From Noah: "Get to the point as soon as you can. Rapport is creating a sense of commonality. Your product or service and their need or want is when your objectives overlap and therefore is where rapport is created."

I hope you enjoy this episode and find the information helpful. And good luck using this scrip!

Knowing how to “sell” is a crucial skill, no matter what your job role, so I recorded a 6-part episode series with professional sales coach, Noah Cohen, where we break down the what, why, who, when and how of the selling process.

Each of the six episodes are 10-to-15 minutes in length, so Noah has done an amazing job of compressing and condensing the training down into bite size segments. He still shares plenty of actionable sales skills and tips on how to optimise your approach to pitching business opportunities, partnerships, selling yourself, your product and/or your service.

Here's the agenda for our six episodes:

  • Introducing the Sales Process & Training (EP34)
  • Rapport & Trust (this one)
  • Setting an Agenda (EP36)
  • Discovery Funnel & Needs Analysis (EP37)
  • Uncovering a Prospect's Budget & Understanding their Decision Making Process (EP38)
  • Closing the Sale / Getting a Decision / After the Sale (EP39)

Noah offers free online sales training on his website

I worked with Noah at Groupon and he's had experience training and coaching sales consultants across retail, finance, insurance and HR. Regardless of your role, you're going to benefit from the advice he shares.

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