32: Episode 32 - The F*cking Tropical Island


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This week, I'm taking you to a hot beachside paradise where the women are goddesses and the boys are hot...and dead. On a semi-regular basis. That's right. We're talking the original cougar and her pool boy: Aphrodite and Adonis!
This myth has everything - multiple origin stories, guest appearances by myths we've talked about, Zeus fucking things up (but surprisingly not fucking anything), incest (surprise!), a wooden chest (WTF), androgyny, and fucking OVID. Oh, and death.
*** From Olympus to Valhalla, we've got the goods on the gods, so join Cait, Gen, the Other Jenn, and SFX Kim as they spike and spill all the divine tea! If you'd like to support our podcast, head over to PATREON where we'll be uploading ad-free episodes, bonus episodes, and SO MUCH MORE!
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