09: Empathize It: Ed Andrew: Self Awareness Starts with Responsibility


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After speaking to Jenn Herman, in episode 8 Instagram and being human on social media, I decided to take a step back. It was time to reflect on the human aspects that drive business today. When considering my network, I thought Ed Andrew would be an ideal guest. Ed's brand The Human Consultancy focuses on the human side and one which inspires great people to thrive and to achieve great things. By combining Ed's business knowledge and personal experience, his brand is able to help people balance their career and shape their future. A business which has at its heart compassion, gratitude, integrity and most importantly giving back. My interview with Ed was recorded quite a while back around episode 2, when he reached out to me via Linkedin. [podbean resource="episode=hr3ha-9d5020" type="audio-square" height="400" skin="1" auto="0" share="1" fonts="Helvetica" download="1" rtl="0"] A Bit About the Guest Ed Andrew is the founder of the Human Consultancy, set up to bring humanity back to work and life by delivering world-class e-learning programs, private coaching, and international retreats. He is a former lawyer and life long entrepreneur building and operating business in Sydney, London, Delhi and Bali across industries in technology, manufacturing & e-commerce, recruitment and consulting. As a business consultant, Ed has advised tech and non-tech leaders, boards and next-gen leaders in Europe, North America and Asia in areas such as sustainability, sales & marketing, talent acquisition & retention, ethical leadership, innovation, strategic, operational and financial management, and business metrics. He sold his first business in 2010 and is a founding investor in one of Sydney’s leading start up builders (VC funds) 25fifteen. As the host of the Ed Andrew podcast, he enjoys interviewing changemakers from around the world, including entrepreneurs, technologists, neuroscientists, world-leading environmentalists, psychologists, authors, elite athletes, Nobel nominees, and bestselling authors. MORE ABOUT THIS SHOW On the episode, Ed and I cover: Expectations vs Perceptions The 'Whole Package' Necessary for a Business to Succeed Self Awareness 4 triggers/ catalysts that control a probable outcome Listen closely because there's a lot of great insights and ideas.

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