10: Empathize It: Carey Fried: Sabre tooth tigers, Google training, and empathy muscles


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Ever wonder what it's like to integrate empathy into a business? Why would a company want to bring this 'soft skill' in the workplace? Hear from Carey Fried all about the experience. Carey Fried is the perfect follow up to Ed Andrew, in episode 9. Ed spoke about self awareness and responsibility. Now it's time to learn all about flexing the empathy muscle. Carey Fried, a colleague is an ideal guest to speak about a company integrating a framework of empathy. A Bit About the Guest Carey Fried is the former head of Marketing at CallSource, a company she founded with her father over 20 years ago. As a Mindfulness trainer and practitioner, she has spent years studying the impact of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence on people at work. Carey completed Google’s “Search Inside Yourself” training and frequently presents Google’s leading-edge Mindfulness curriculum to corporate and non-profit organizations. MORE ABOUT THIS SHOW On the episode, Carey and I cover: Google's Search Inside Yourself Stephen Covey's Brand Trust The New Currency in Corporate Culture Trust Taxes and Trust Dividends

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