12: Empathize It: Ben Roberts: Reverse Engineering the Customer Acquisition Process


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Ever wonder how to reverse engineer the customer acquisition process to drive real value? After meeting Ben Roberts at Engage Prague, we connected immediately. Ben is just on a social media roll and I'm honored to be part of his growth trajectory. It's clear that today, there's a strong call for transparency and reinventing the process of bringing new business. People have been buying from people for years. Today's audiences expect more from a brand, from a service provider, from a company. Ben is fortunate to lead marketing for a company that 'gets it.' They've reverse engineered the entire process of consumer acquisition and it's inspiring. What's it like to work with a business that has lost only one customer in 2.5 years? After hearing from Lucy live from WebSummit about the transformation of tech leaders in their approach to brand transparency, this podcast with Ben Roberts couldn't be more logical. A Bit About the Guest Ben M Roberts is the founder and host of ‘The Marketing Buzzword Podcast’, Head of Marketing at Talkative, a SaaS Technology Start-Up and an international conference speaker. In 2018, he was named WalesOnline’s no.1 business professional male under 35. He also writes for notable online business and marketing publications such as business.com, allbusiness.com, and socialmediatoday.com. Ben is a huge believer in your destiny being in your own hands, and that you reap what you sow. He has worked (and continues) to build a consistent personal brand, which has helped open doors, that previously seemed closed to him. You are your greatest asset, and Ben wants to help people take control of their personal brands. Ben is just a true entrepreneur. He's been growing, hustling, and it's inspiring to watch his success. GREAT QUOTES FROM THE SHOW Build the relationship online first, then in person, then develop it and cultivate back online Using social selling approach in the real world. Bring value first and sell second Businesses should gain an in-depth understanding, attends events not for prospects necessarily but to gaining a real finger on the pulse of the trends MORE ABOUT THIS SHOW On the episode, Ben and I cover: Social Selling in the Real World What are the biggest challenges with working clients that are a bit hesitant to this approach? Efficient use of resources with earlier research Listen closely because there's a lot of great insights and ideas. SELECTED LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE Marketing Buzzword Do you enjoy this podcast? If so, could you please leave a review here. I read them, sometimes on the show, and will reach out if you leave your Twitter handle!

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