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Nick, Devon & an array of guest speakers discuss issues arising in the contemporary “plant medicine community” of Australia.Form a better understanding of the role psychedelic therapy is already playing in the lives of the community around you & explore challenging issues that arise in these spaces.Nick is formerly an award winning international comedian... Devon is just happy to be involved! Hopefully this podcast helps people find the support they need to integrate their experiences & become more informed about the risks, pitfalls & potential benefits of psychedelic healing.More from Nick Sun:https://www.patreon.com/nicksunCheck out our sponsors:www.arcofembodiment.com (coming soon)www.mushroomtherapy.com.au (coming soon)And keep an eye out for our own website:www.entheoethika.com.au (also coming soon)If anything arises during these discussions you would like to reach out about, you can contact us on arcofembodiment@protonmail.com.auSafe Travels!

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