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This is episode #6 of Entrepreneur Mindset-Reset.

Hi everyone! Thanks for tuning-in today for a new episode of Entrepreneur Mindset-Reset, THE podcast where entrepreneurs just like you and me share how they master their mindset to overcome obstacles to their success.

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with the extremely talented international photographer and visual strategist, Marlana Semenza. She uses her photography to tell her clients’ stories in their most powerful way.

In our interview, she talks about the difference between marketing and branding, and I love her analogy about the difference between the two. She says marketing is like asking someone on a date, and branding is the reason they say yes. Your personal brand ultimately isn’t about you; it’s about what you can do for people. It’s always about your clients and customers.

You won’t want to miss the story about how she took photos of a client on a motorcycle in California while sitting in her home office in North Carolina! You’d never, ever guess that she took these photos virtually on a FaceTime call! You’ve got to check out these very cool images at PhotographerInYourPocket.com

So, grab a beverage or a snack and settle-in to listen to Marlana and her amazing journey.

You can find Marlana at:



Instagram: @marlana.semenza.photo

Facebook: @marlana-semenza-photography

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marlana-semenza/

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Marlana’s Bio:

Marlana Semenza is an international photographer and visual strategist. Her diverse client base includes athletes, celebrities, WWE Superstars and beauty queens including Miss North Carolina. An industry veteran, Marlana uses her degree in Photography and 20+ years of experience to tell her clients’ stories in their most powerful way.

Marlana’s photography has graced over 8 magazine covers, with her work featured in publications such as Woman’s Day and The New York Times.

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