Episode 8, Andy Greider, "Chief Dot Connector"


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This is episode #8 of Entrepreneur Mindset-Reset.

Hi everyone! Thanks for tuning-in today for a new episode of Entrepreneur Mindset-Reset, THE podcast where entrepreneurs just like you and me share how they master their mindset to overcome obstacles to their success.

In today’s episode, I have the privilege of speaking with the very fun and inspiring Andy Greider, Managing Partner and Chief Dot Connector of World Growth Capital.

Andy’s entrepreneurial journey really started when he was a kid, and his story about how he called and managed to not only talk to, but also meet in the flesh - THE Bob Woodward of the Washington Post while a senior in high school, just may blow your mind as much as it did mine! I felt so inspired by that story that I vowed never to shrink away from an opportunity ever again! I hope it will inspire the same in you!

Andy’s title of “Chief Dot Connector” makes so much sense once you get to know him a little, and I’m certain you will by listening to this episode.

No matter the entrepreneurial pursuit, Andy is always committed to how he can support people. His "shoot way past the stars so you can fall back into them” attitude is a humble reminder to never underestimate ourselves, and I sincerely believe Andy’s story will spark that desire in you.

So, grab a beverage or a snack and settle-in to listen to Andy Greider and his amazing journey.

You can find Andy at:


Ph: (404) 516-42024

Andy’s Bio:

Born in Palmyra, PA and full circled back to Central PA at 51, with one long stay in Atlanta and many other locations in shorter spurts, with fave area of the country being Central California. Love to hike with and hang out with my lovely wife, Linda, am a big fan of craft beer, live music and helping others in whatever ways possible. Professionally, been marketing or selling since I was 14, started with VCRs for people who didn't know what they were - or why they would want one! So learned educational/consultative sales early on. These last 20 years, have become a serial entrepreneur, through business consulting for companies from Fortune 50 to Mom and Pop America, and growing a few companies of my own. Been lucky to have great mentors and partners and love to give back knowledge and kindness I was gifted. I’ve made networking and giving to others a focus for me - and it is a large part of what I do - I love putting people together with other people, tools or resources that can help them. That’s my story – and I’m sticking to it.

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