480: How to Accurately Test for Progesterone and What to Look Out For


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One of the biggest realizations I’ve had over the past few years is that we are just NOT talking enough about perimenopause.

It’s that 5 to 15-year window of life where our bodies can really start to struggle with things like weight gain, extreme fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes ,migraines, anxiety, and more!

It feels like you got hit by a truck with no end in sight… Know what I mean?

Catch today’s show for a comprehensive look at perimenopause, as well as 7 simple lifestyle changes that could give you your best life back–and learn:

  • The perimenopause puzzle
  • Treatments to avoid
  • Signs and symptoms to look out for
  • The best hacks for energy, metabolism, and brain power
  • What to eat (and not to eat!)
  • 7 ways to heal your hormones and feel GREAT

Mentioned in this Episode:

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