Reclaiming Christianity


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Over the last few weeks we've seen the worst of what Christianity can look like: Nationalist, racist, arrogant and even violent. In light of those horrors, you might be tempted to walk away from it all. But perhaps there is another way.

Over the next few months in Eucharist, our Wednesday evening services are going to explore what this can look like. Each week we'll take an element of the Christian faith and explore what it would look like to “reclaim it."

From doctrine to evangelism, morning devotions to praise music, we’ll name the ways these gifts have been corrupted by unclean spirits like colonialism and coercion, and explore through liturgy, sermons, and conversation how we can reclaim every piece of Christianity as a force for good.

Each week will include a 45-minute service, followed by the opportunity to join a break out group with the same people each week. There you’ll be able to share insights, questions, and build connections. (Note: Breakout groups will begin on Wednesday, January 20th)

It's my hope that, in the end, we'll be equipped to say yes to the difficult challenge before us, and discover, by the Spirit, a more Christ-like Christianity.

We kick off tonight by looking at religion itself: Reclaiming Christianity.

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